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Welcome To Infinity Designs LLC

The forté of Infinity Designs is our ability to identify the Clients’ needs and tastes, then create space in the Client’s style.  Whether in your home or office  the  same  theories   apply.  The finished project should be a beautifully coordinated reflection of the occupants, one that they relate to and are comfortable in. This process is achieved through several avenues. The first and most important is… listening closely to the client. Infinity Designs’ goal is getting to know all the inhabitants of a space and how they interact, their perceived function of the room and aesthetic preferences.  There are many variations on these fundamentals:

  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Contemporary
  • Eclectic

Next is to determine the scope of the project considering budget and timeframe.  Interior Design can be a project developed from blue prints with every finish and piece of furniture to be selected, or simply a color change with the furniture re-arranged. Many times we are coordinating existing furniture or special collections with new selections.  Whatever your goal, Infinity Designs LLC is great at interpreting and helping you express your style.

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